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Syncryption™ is a secure cloud backup and syncing service for My Eyes Only personal data security manager software system for your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Your Syncryption™ account protects your data by backing it up on our secure servers automatically when you create and sign into an account. Using Syncryption™ ensures that you will never have to worry about losing your critical data when upgrading to a new iPhone or iPad. It also allows you to share your data between all your iOS devices running My Eyes Only®, My Eyes Only® Classic, and My Eyes Only® Mac.

All of your data is encrypted on your device with 256 bit AES encryption. The encryption key is composed of a random hash and your password. Don't forget your password!  There is no way to decrypt your data without your password. 

When My Eyes Only®  syncs with our secure servers the data is encrypted again with 256 bit AES encryption, then it is transferred across the internet using secure connections. Our servers are secured by Heroku, owned by Amazon and the most trusted name in cloud computing.

The encryption keys are not stored on the server with the data and no one is able to see your data in the clear on the servers. “In the clear” means that we cannot see any of your entered data, including your web passwords, membership IDs, or any of your personal data. The encrypted data is completely unintelligible data.

Syncryption is Secure

First I want to reiterate that your data is fully encrypted using encryptions that are created on your mobile device inside of My Eyes Only®, My Eyes Only® Classic and My Eyes Only Mac. Then we take those encryption keys and all your already encrypted data and encrypt it again before we send it to our Syncryption secure service.

Software Ops Syncryption service runs on top of the Heroku cloud app service that then runs on top of Amazon Web Services. Heroku is owned by by Amazon.  You can learn about Heroku Security here. Please read the details, it's important. Then take the time to read about Amazon Web Service Security. Again give it a read.

If you are still not convinced that your data is protected to the highest standards available on the internet today, then maybe you should use a different personal data security service.