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***** My Eyes Only Classic (blue eye with black background) has been rebranded to ID Lock.  Learn more here.


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My Eyes Only Classic rebranded to ID Lock

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My Eyes Only Classic rebranded to ID Lock

Joe Michels

Software Ops has decided to handle two challenges at the same time with the rebranding of My Eyes Only Classic to ID Lock (id.lock).

1) We have decided to continue to support our customers using My Eyes Only Classic. Our intention was to end of life My Eyes Only Classic. Because of customer feedback, we've decided to continue the support of the app.

2) Because My Eyes Only and My Eyes Only Classic is constantly being confused, and understandingly so, we needed a way distinguish between the two apps.

Therefore the best situation for our customers is to rebrand the app to ID Lock and continue supporting the app. In addition, we have added new features to ID Lock including Face and Touch ID and the ability to create custom categories.

This support does come with new customer commitments. Software Ops will charge for continued support of the app and we're asking our customers to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee.  



To the right is the new app icon. It is very different than the My Eyes Only Classic icon. It will replace your old MEO Classic icon after the update to version 4.0.