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Support Blog

My Eyes Only Classic 3.4 Update (Post Updates)

Joe Michels

UPDATE 1, 9-27-17: I have learned something new today and that is if you are using iCloud to backup your device you can select an iCloud backup prior to Sept, 15, 2017 and you should have MEO Classic data prior to the 3.4 update.  

Here is Apple's instructions on doing a device restore:  The iCloud backup date must be older then the the day you updated Classic for it to work.

Do the restore and then make sure that Classic 3.4.1 is on your device and you should get access to your data.

UPDATE 2, 9-26-17 Tuesday 6:30pm Phoenix AZ: Apple has approved version 3.4.1 which is the fix for the password entry problem for My Eyes Only Classic.

It will take a few hours for the app to be visible in the App Store on your devices.  All you have to do is download version 3.4.1, once it is in the App Store on your device, and then launch the app and enter the password you have been using. It should open. 

Unless you deleted the app off your device or you saw the message that the app rest and delete all the data after the 6th attempt to enter your password. If that happened then the following two options may still exist for you:

1) Did you have a previous backup of your data in our optional Syncryption service? We can use that to restore your data if you have an account and it is active. Let me know and I will help you restore your Syncryption backup. Send us an email to for help with this step.

2) You might try restoring your device using iCloud. Give it a try, one person reported success. Here is Apple's instructions on doing a device restore: After the restore, download 3.4.1 as per the instructions above and try your password.

UPDATE 1, 9-26-17:  Still waiting for the Apple app review of 3.4.1. Apple has been very fast at doing reviews lately so it should be within the next day. Hang in there. 

I noticed some commenters asking for a free Subscription for their troubles. I have thought about this, but in the end, that isn't fair for those who had the foresight to purchase our Syncryption service and backup their data. I have decided to be fair to all customers and leave the fee as it is. This is especially the case now that we have a fix on the way for our long time users. Once they get the fix and access to their data, each person can decide how the want to handle backup and syncing of their data.  

I know from talking with users via our support system, some will not use the cloud based backup no matter what. Understand that MEO Classic will not be supported in the future. Will the app work forever through iOS 12, 13, 14, 15?  I can't say. I will say My Eyes Only (pro) will be supported because it now has a subscription that continues to generate revenue and thus, we continue to maintain and enhance it.  the pro version already has Touch ID support, will have Face ID support, printing of your data, and better credit card images.  What else will we do in the future?  Not sure, but there will be enhancements. 

UPDATE 3, 9-25-17 We have a fix for the users who can't get into My Eyes Only Classic waiting for review in the Apple App Store. It should be released by Apple in 1-2 days. Hang in there!

This issue affected a large number of users who had been using My Eyes Only Classic for years. From 2008, 09, 10, 11, 12 and 2013. This fix will work as long as the app was not deleted off your device and the app data reset didn't happen. 

All you have to do is download this version, once it is released,  and then launch the app and enter the password you have been using.


Update 2, 9-25-17: We have reproduce the situation and we believe we have a proper fix!

This issue is only happening to our users who have My Eyes Only prior to 2012. That was the original MEO before we first made the Pro version and renamed the original to MEO Classic.

The short story of what happened: We realized that we put a critical password hash file, (you can look up password hash if you like), in a place where it could be purged by iOS under low storage conditions. Initially we placed the file in the wrong directory back in 2012 with the new Pro version. We fixed that issue in Pro last year. Even though we said we were not supporting Classic any longer, we thought that we should make that change so our users would not suffer the purged file issue and not get into MEO Classic. So we produced update 3.4 to simply moved the file to the right location. EXCEPT for anybody who used version 1.13.x or newer from prior to 2012, a file with that name already existed in that location so the move failed. The app simply created a new file in that location, without the critical existing password hash and thus every password attempt would fail.  

The good news is that anybody with this issue who hasn't entered their password in 6 times and had the app delete their data will get back in operation when we put out the latest update version 3.4.1.  I will update with more details of our progress to test and build version 3.4.1 and get it into the app store.

There is a long explanation why we didn't reproduce this situation before we released the version. The short answer is we don't have a device that we've kept for 9 years that has gone through the same long life using the app as our customers have.

We are happy to have so many loyal customers and are upset with ourselves that this issue happened

Update 1, 9-25-17: I have a report from a very helpful Classic user that he "downgraded" Classic from 3.4 to version 3.3.2, (one version prior to the last version 3.3.3) and that his password worked. That is very good news, because it tells me that all the data necessary is there, all the data and the password hash we need to confirm your password. That is a huge clue for us and we get access to a device that is having the issue today. Read on for the history if this issue as we know it...

Update 2, 9-24-17: I have been reading some of the comments on this post for first time. I understand that you are upset about the situation and we apologize. Our knowledge of this situation is evolving, meaning our first thoughts lead us to think one thing and now our thoughts are moving to a different understanding. We will get a look at a device that has Classic 3.4 and the problem that is being reported. We hope to have a complete understanding and a solution. But we are unsure of the outcome. The update to 3.4 did cause the issue for some our our users, many users to be sure, but not all. But it seems to affect users who have been using it for years and years. 

For those who think we did this on purpose or malice, please take a breath. Why would we want to upset our users? That doesn't make any sense, does it? We wanted to fix a potential issue and inform our users to move to My Eyes Only Pro, not anger them by preventing access to their data. You must understand, we KNOW how important your data is to you. We have been doing this for over 9 years. Purposely causing harm would be the dumbest thing we could do, for many reasons. So why would we do that? Logic would insist that we wouldn't do it on purpose. We didn't. Read on ...

Update 1, 9-24-17: Customers who have up-to-date Syncryption accounts are getting their data restored. If you have an account then jump to the bottom and follow the instructions to migrate to My Eyes Only (pro).  If you have an iCloud backup, prior to when MEO Classic was updated, that is also working to restore the data. The trick there is to then create a Syncryption account to backup your data. We give you 30 days free to decide how you want to proceed.

Update 2, 9-23-17: We have found somebody in Phoenix that has the password issue. That is good news and a first step in understanding what the core problem is. Read on for further info. 

Update 1, 9-23-17: We are working on trying to understand the problem, but we haven't had any success. If you have run into the problem with your password and live in the Phoenix area, we could use your help. Please contact if you need help and/our live in Phoenix.

All our tests indicate that the update should have worked without any issue. We still can't reproduce the issue. One thing in common for users with this issue is they've been using this app for years. Our testing doesn't included updating the app on a device where it was originally installed 4, 5, 6 or 8 years ago. But that is the situation some of our customers find themselves. 

If you have a backup of your data with our Syncryption service, then it will be easy to restore your data. Please use the support email above to get instructions. NOTE: Buying the service now will NOT help. A backup must be in place before a problem occurs. 

Because of what I believe is happening, you will not be able to access your data. The password will continue to not work and the app will reset. ***Don’t go that far and have the app reset. We’re still trying to understand and resolve this issue.

Please continue reading.

Original Post: We did update My Eyes Only Classic for iOS 11 to avoid any potential problems, even though we've stated that we ended support for it 2 years ago.  But it seems that the app update process triggered the issue we were trying to avoid with the update for some users.  

The trigger was to move the password hash file to a directory that Apple would protect over app updates and iOS updates.  Low level technical stuff. Apple changed their policy of what gets save a few years ago.  We fixed it MEO Pro and have been asking all our customers to move to Pro.

Because of what we believe is happening, you will not be able to access your data. The password will continue to not work and the app will reset.

We totally understand your disappointment and anger.  But the app constantly asks our users to backup the data in or service. Constantly.  A we've used push notifications for the same message and others asking our customers to move to My Eyes Only Pro. We noted that this day may come with Classic.

We did our best to communicate with our customers to both move to Pro and backup their data. But it is hard to communicate with our app customers because unless they sign up for the Syncryption service, we don't have any email addresses of our customers.  It is a real problem.

If you had a backup of your date with our Syncryption service then we can restore your data easily. To do that:

Please download My Eyes Only and follow the instructions:

If you don't know your Syncryption password thenreset it here:

Then as you configure the app from scratch, after you create the app access password, the second thing you do is sign into your Syncryption account using your new Syncryption password. Then let your data restore.

** If your account is out if date, you will need to purchase more syncing. Look in the Sync tab -> Purchase Syncryption. Then turn syncing on and off and it should sync.

Note that your app access password is not the same as the Syncryption password and will not be reset when you reset your Syncryption password. There is no way to reset your app access password.

If you chose to not use our backup service then there is nothing we can do to help.

You might try restoring your device using iCloud. That might work, we don't know. Other are trying that as well.

Give it a try.  If you get your data, then consider backing up your data with our service.