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Upgrading to iOS 9? Backup your data first

Support Blog

Upgrading to iOS 9? Backup your data first

Joe Michels

Apple will soon release iOS 9 to all of their customers and introduce new iPhones and iPads. That means you will be upgrading to iOS 9 or moving all your data to a new device. Please understand that things can go wrong when upgrading especially to a new device. Now is the time to make sure My Eyes Only® is backing up your data to the Syncryption™ service.

How do I know if MEO is already backing up to Syncryption™?

Open MEO™ and select the Sync tab located at the bottom of the app. Then make sure MEO™ is signed into a Syncryption account and that the sync days remaining is more than zero days. Also make sure that the syncing switch is turned on. If all that is in place you are backing up your data properly. Perfect!

If not, here is how you get it turned on:

  • To turn syncing on, you can either create a Syncryption account or purchase more syncing time.  You can do that in the Sync tab at the bottom of the screen in MEO™.
  • If you have more the one device running MEO™ then make sure you sign into the same account on each device and all your data will sync between devices. Additionally there will be a backup of you data on our secure servers in case something goes wrong with your iOS device.

That is it! Remember if something goes wrong and you don't have a backup we can't help you.

Learn more about Syncryption™ here. For additional support please email to