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A Backup of Your Data is Security

Support Blog

A Backup of Your Data is Security

Joe Michels

If you are currently using our Syncryption service to backup your data, thank you! There is no need to read on. If you are not using our service, please read the following important post to protect your data.

In the last week Software Ops had a number of customer support inquiries where, due to various circumstances, our customers lost My Eyes Only data. Here are some of the situations that continually occur:

  • Updating to a new iPhone/iPad without a backup of the device on iCloud or iTunes
  • Updating to a new iPhone/iPad WITH a backup of the device on iCloud or iTunes, but for some reason the data still didn’t transfer. (This happened to the wife of the Software Ops owner. It can happen to you.)
  • Apple tech support resetting your iPhone and/or NOT doing a restore from a previous backup on iCloud or iTunes. They need to do that on purpose sometimes to “fix” issues
  • The My Eyes Only® app was deleted from the device by accident
  • Your iPhone was lost or stolen
  • All these issues happen ALL the time. Your only protection is having a backup of your data with our Syncryption service. Yes the service is subscription based that you use an in-app-purchase to activate the service. But what is the value to you of knowing that if something goes wrong, you have all your critical data properly backed up? I can tell you the value is very high when you have lost your data. I hear it all the time when people who have run into a problem like the ones above and thank us profusely when there data is restored in seconds.

The most difficult part of our customer support teams job is telling a customer that we do not have any way of restoring their data, because that customer didn’t use our Syncryption service. I can only imagine what they feel like when all their data is lost forever. So please, don’t let this happen to you. Put a small investment in the Syncryption service because if any of the above should happen to you, and it can, we can restore your critical data in seconds. 

Thank you
Software Ops