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Support Blog

Subscription Paid But App Tells You Otherwise

Joe Michels

It has come to our attention that a number of our customers are having and issue with the app saying that the subscription needs to be paid, but in fact it was already paid by iOS auto renew subscription as it should have been.

We apologize for the issue and here is how to solve it.

If you are already signed into syncing, sign out and then sign back in again.  <== this is what most customers do to get it working again.

If you are not signed into your Syncryption account make sure you are and that Syncing is "on". You can find the Syncryption password in you search for "Sync Info" in MEO. Or reset it here:

Then as you configure the app from scratch, after you create the app access password, go to the Sync tab and sign into your Syncryption account.

Also, check that you are signed into the same syncing account on all devices.

Again we're sorry about the issue and are looking into why it is happening.

Move from MEO™ Classic to My Eyes Only®

Joe Michels

With Apple’s announcement of iOS 9 and the new multi-tasking and other features that Apple is asking developers to support, Software Ops has determined the future of My Eyes Only lies with the My Eyes Only Pro version that can be found here.

We will remove MEO Classic from the App Store in a few short days. Our active support of that version of the app will end, with the exception we will always help our customers migrate to MEO Pro using our Syncryption service.

Migrate to MEO Pro Now

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My Eyes Only Classic 3.4 Update (Post Updates)

Joe Michels

UPDATE 1, 9-27-17: I have learned something new today and that is if you are using iCloud to backup your device you can select an iCloud backup prior to Sept, 15, 2017 and you should have MEO Classic data prior to the 3.4 update.  

Here is Apple's instructions on doing a device restore:  The iCloud backup date must be older then the the day you updated Classic for it to work.

Do the restore and then make sure that Classic 3.4.1 is on your device and you should get access to your data.


It will take a few hours for the app to be visible in the App Store on your devices.  All you have to do is download version 3.4.1, once it is in the App Store on your device, and then launch the app and enter the password you have been using. It should open. 

Unless you deleted the app off your device or you saw the message that the app rest and delete all the data after the 6th attempt to enter your password. If that happened then the following two options may still exist for you:

1) Did you have a previous backup of your data in our optional Syncryption service? We can use that to restore your data if you have an account and it is active. Let me know and I will help you restore your Syncryption backup. Send us an email to for help with this step.

2) You might try restoring your device using iCloud. Give it a try, one person reported success. Here is Apple's instructions on doing a device restore: After the restore, download 3.4.1 as per the instructions above and try your password.

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