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My Eyes Only® Classic

Current My Eyes Only Classic 3.4 Update issue, please read

My Eyes Only® Classic is the very first app that Software Ops created over eight years ago. The app has seen some major improvements over the years including a complete modern UI re-design and the addition of new categories, icons and images. Most exciting, is the addition of Syncryption, Software Ops' own secure cloud backup and syncing service. 

Designed to securely keep a user's private data close at hand, My Eyes Only® Classic uses 256 bit AES encryption to secure credit card numbers, bank information, passwords and more.

We're really proud of the long life of My Eyes Only® Classic. We thank our customers who have been fiercely loyal to this much loved app, and keep those 5 star reviews coming!

If you are a My Eyes Only® Classic user or have come across the page and are looking for a first class personal data security app, then we recommend that you try our top of the line app My Eyes Only®.

My Eyes Only® is the app in the My Eyes Only family that we will maintain into the future. We will slowly stop maintaining MEO Classic and focus our efforts on MEO.


Moving your data to MEO™ is not automatic unless you are already using our Syncryption service. To move your data from MEO™ Classic to My Eyes Only®, simply create a Syncryption account from within MEO™ Classic on the Sync tab. Then in MEO™ sign into the same Syncryption account and your data will move to the new app.