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***** My Eyes Only Classic (blue eye with black background) has been rebranded to ID Lock.  Learn more here.


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ID Lock

ID Lock® is a personal data security iOS app.

Designed for iOS, the app combines a slick modern UI with the features that our customers most want - ease of use, custom categories, powerful encryption and secure cloud backups.

ID Lock® is a superior multi-function app that securely stores passwords and important personal information. Using powerful encryption, it secures your critical information and utilizes Software Ops' own secure cloud service to back up and sync to all your devices. ID Lock® allows you to keep your personal data close for instant access, while having peace of mind knowing that it's secure.

Introducing ID Lock

It origins date back to 2008 when it was introduce in the App Store as My Eyes Only® and then in 2012 renamed to My Eyes Only Classic.  To avoid confusion with todays version of My Eyes Only®, it has be rebranded to ID Lock.

Have fast, convenient access to all your passwords and important personal data. ID Lock®  provides a secure, easy way to store and keep the critical information you need close to you at all times. It's incredibly secure, so you never have to worry about loss or theft.

Web site passwords, credit card numbers, bank account information, insurance and membership account information are just some of the personal data you need to keep with you all the time. Combine security and efficiency, get rid of the post-it notes and stop having to look through your files or that little black book every time you forget a password.