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Beta for My Eyes Only - Photo

The all new and modern My Eyes Only Photo (MEO Pro) has been re-written to bring our users a modern and new user experience. Besides the complete re-write and redesign of the app, we have added some key features for this version. The main items are Touch ID/Face ID and Share Extension used to import photos from other apps.

This is only the beginning for the new MEO Pro. There will be many more features added over the next months.

How do I help with beta testing

One you have dowloaded the app via the link the in email inviting you to be a beta tester, all we ask is that you simply use the app as you normally would. Please report any issues to support (at) via email. We will work closely with you to resolve any issues found or answer any questions.

Here is a link to the Apple TestFlight app installation and for MEO Photo instructions.

Before you download the new MEO Photo from TestFlight

Backup your device using either iCloud backup or iTunes on your computer. This is a critical step before you do any beta testing of MEO Photo or any other app. If something goes wrong you can restore your device and get your data back.

Export your files to the iTunes app

One thing you might like to do after you have downloaded the new app is to export your photos using the iTunes File Sharing feature. Understand that once you do that your images are no longer encrypted. Also, if you export them using iTunes file sharing, you can also re-import them using iTunes File Sharing to protect them again.

Here is how you export using iTunes File Sharing:

MEO Photo iTunes File Sharing Option

MEO Photo iTunes File Sharing Option

  • Open MEO Photo and select the top most library

  • In the thumbnail view, touch the Select button in the upper right of the screen

  • At the bottom, touch the All button, that will select all the photos in that library

  • Next, select the Move button, then select To iTunes File Sharing.

  • Repeat the steps above for all your libraries.

  • At this point you are ready to connect your iOS device to your computer and use iTunes to export your photos to your computer.

  • Now Google, “Use iTunes to share files”, to get instructions from Apple for your type of computer. This is the link for a Mac computer. When you follow the instructions you will see the MEO Photo name and icon in the list. Select that and continue to follow the instructions.

  • That should get your MEO Photos to your computer.


  • Powerful 256 Bit AES Encryption

  • Touch ID and Face ID

  • Modern User Interface and Experience

  • Share Extension used to import photos from other apps

Using The Share Extension

A big feature for MEO Pro is implementing a share extension to make it easy to import photos from other apps.

My Eyes Only Photo Share Extension from the Photos App

My Eyes Only Photo Share Extension from the Photos App

Turning on Touch ID/Face ID

The first time you launch MEO Photo after it is installed, it will ask you if you want to turn on either Touch ID or Face ID if you have that feature available on your device.